In cooperation with the Brussels Binder, we created a list of few useful tips for “male allies” to support female experts in their endeavour to make their voices heard in public discussions and various events.

  1. Read data about women’s underrepresentation
  2. Use Dr./ Prof. instead of Miss./ Mrs. when necessary
  3. Put “I don’t participate in manels” in your signature
  4. Call out mansplaining, toxic masculinity, sexist and exclusive language
  5. Don’t comment/ question on women’s appearance, marital status or children
  6. Promote women’s work on social media and through your personal network
  7. Remember than women being elevated in their career doesn’t take away from your successes
  8. Engage in supportive partnerships with women – ask them what they need from you and act on it
  9. Show other men the benefits of gender equality
  10. Tag @GLOBSEC and @BXLBINDER to highlight why it is important to have women in public debates and what we can do about it
  11. You’ve got this!