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Month: April 2021

The United Nations Advocates for “Positive Action”

Source: United Nations On 30 March 2021, during the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico, 49 women ambassadors to the United Nations in New York expressed a need for an equal recovery from the pandemic since the “COVID-19 crisis has a woman’s face.” The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on women has been strengthened by the secondary effects of the virus. […]

CEE Her Professionals in Media: Zuzana Pisoň, Technology Stream Lead of GLOBSEC Policy Insitute

Source: Digital Communications Network, 2021 During an online discussion on “how to develop the next generation of female digital leaders,” organised by the Digital Communications Network on 6 April 2021, Stella Kasdagli, Co-founder of Women on Top; Nina Nikolic, leader at Womenpreneurs Balkans; and moderator Marianna Tanagia, Communication Manager of Digital Communication Network, were joined by CEE Her Professional and […]

CEE Her Professionals in Media: Katarina Klingova, Senior Research Fellow at GLOBSEC Policy Institute & Linda Tothova, Project Coordinator at GLOBSEC Brussels Office

During CEE Her’s first appearance on Clubhouse, Katarina Klingova, Senior Research Fellow of Democracy and Resilience at GLOBSEC Policy Institute; Linda Tothova, Policy Assistant and Project Coordinator at GLOBSEC Brussels Office and the Centre for Global Europe; Krista Baumane, Member of the Parliament of Latvia; and Linda Curika, Public Affairs Officer at NATO StratCom, discussed the so-called “silencing effect” of […]

CEE Her on the Brussels Binder’s Map

We are excited to announce that CEE Her has officially become visible on Brussels Binder‘s BBBeyond Map of expert databases. The map was launched on 15 July 2020 and includes more than 50 databases worldwide with altogether more than 57,000 female experts. The underlying rationale is for neither language, origin, or an area of expertise to be an excuse for […]

How to be a Male Ally

In cooperation with the Brussels Binder, we created a list of few useful tips for “male allies” to support female experts in their endeavour to make their voices heard in public discussions and various events. Read data about women’s underrepresentation Use Dr./ Prof. instead of Miss./ Mrs. when necessary Put “I don’t participate in manels” in your signature Call out […]